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Music Affairs Center launches new artistic program

Doha: The Music Affairs Center of the Ministry of Culture and Sports has launched an artistic program, within the framework of its new season, which is being held under the slogan “Music Everywhere”.

The new program aims to spread the culture of music in society, through a package of activities prepared by the center, which will be shared in various places in the country, such as metro stations, malls, tourist places, and other places.

Khaled Al Salem, Director of the center said: “We are keen to have platforms in a number of commercial complexes and gathering places in general, and we are optimistic that the visitors of these gatherings will respond to what we will present.”

He also stressed that the center continues its works aimed at spreading music and singing art. “Work is underway in order to form a mass base consisting of all segments of society. The center spares no effort to go to spread art in different places, in a way that benefits the music scene in Qatar, as well as strengthening the culture of visiting concerts,” Al Salem said.

The beginning will be from the Landmark and Mall of Qatar, as the activities will continue on Friday every week throughout the months of November and December, starting next Friday, he said, noting that all precautionary measures will be taken into account during the presentation of the musical performances

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